What is JOP ? (Jointly Owned Property)

Jointly Owned Property is the term used to describe the ownership of real estate where the real estate has been divided into Units (for private ownership) and common areas (owned by all unit owners in that development).

What is an Owners Association?

An Owners Association comprises of all owners within a jointly owned property. The Owners Association is the legal entity responsible for managing the development, in particular the common property and facilities within their jointly owned property, be it of residential, retail or commercial use.

The Jointly Owned Property Law laid the foundation for a comprehensive framework to REGULATE Jointly Owned Property.  The law empowers owners to make decisions for their JOP.

The Law ensures that a number of declarations are registered with respect to the Jointly Owned Development guaranteeing transparency, financial stability, optimal operational structure, budget control and execution of community rules. 


   RERA Owners Association Overview

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