A few of the infinite services to be provided are listed below.

1.    Handover Management                                               

  • Facilitating the Owners Association Registration;
  • Facilitating the preparation of constitutional documents (JOPD & BMS);
  • Examining and registering all assets;
  • Systematic handover of the tower ensuring all process, drawings and documents are in place.


2.    Bank Accounts & Transfer of Funds Management

  • Opening of an Owners Association Bank Account;
  • Audit accounts on behalf of the OA and facilitating funds transfer;
  • Handover of accounts from Developer and the OA accounting systems setup.



3.    New Structure of Operation

  • Recommend Tower operation structured resulting in cost and maintenance efficiency.

4.    Budget Analysis and Recommendations

  • Budget developments and approvals;
  • Inviting tenders, appraising, negotiating and establishing contracts;                       
  • Cost and energy saving recomm

5.    Management Services

  • Administrative and Secretarial Services;
  • Maintaining an Owners /  residents register;
  • Operating and managing an electronic community reporting system for easy access by clients to provide monthly updates and reports;
  • Documentations, records and taking of minutes etc.
  • Financial Management Services;
  • Managing Reserve Fund;
  • Arranging for reviews & audits;
  • Collection of service charges etc.;
  • Technical Management;
  • Health & Safety planning etc.;
  • Association Management Services;
  • Developing Strategies & Policies for Management;
  • Supervision of service contracts;
  •  Attending meetings and understanding the direction of the OA Board and making recommendations. 

“Empowering owners in building harmonious communities”